Welcome to Radio Bikrampur FM 99.2

Radio Bikrampur, as a community media, works to make community people aware of their rights and responsibilities to ensure active participation of people in development activities by providing with information and entertainment. The target beneficiaries of this radio are adolescent, women and children, street children, people with disability as well as other general people. Not only that there are three types of marginal group in the broadcasting area of Radio Bikrampur such as Bede Community, Fisher Community, Dalit Community etc. Radio Bikrampur is broadcasting various programs for these disadvantaged communities so that they can be aware of their rights and on the other hand, the duty bearers can be active to ensure their rights. The program of radio focuses on adolescent reproductive health, HIV/AIDs, STI, human rights, technology, child rights, women rights, education, health and nutrition, tobacco control, early marriage, agriculture, business and so on.